Original Artwork Terms of Service

Original Artwork and Commissions

By requesting a commission of original artwork from me of any kind, you agree to the following terms of service. (Original artwork as discussed below pertains to any artwork created brand new for the client and not purchased as an existing design, character, or other product. Aside from the process, these terms also apply to non-commissioned original artwork.)

I. General

  • The client agrees to interact in a polite and reasonable manner. This interaction must take place on the platform the commission was requested, such as via email or within a private message on Instagram. Any rude behavior or failure to comply with my TOS may result in a commission cancellation.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission at any time for any reason before payment is accepted. I also reserve the right to cancel a transaction and return payment at any time for any reason. The client may cancel a commission, but no refunds will be given for a commission that is completed or has a reasonable amount of progress made on it.

II. Process

  • Request of a commission must include the type of commission as well as clear references. Half payment is required upon my acceptance of the commission. The remaining balance is due before the completed artwork is to be sent. Only payments made in USD are accepted, and only through PayPal.
  • I will provide updates on artwork as necessary. I reserve the right to take my time on all original artwork so as to ensure the quality of the product. This is to say that deadlines agreed upon will almost definitely be met, except in cases of emergency. (For example, family or health emergency.) I reserve the right to extend deadlines as needed.

III. Customer Satisfaction

  • During the creation process, I will discuss design and details of artwork with the client. In the early sketching stage I may make one major change (such as composition). Upon completion, up to three small correction edits are permitted. (For example, a wrong color or marking.) After these, no more edits will be performed and the artwork is complete as is.

IV. Copyright

  • As the artist, I reserve the rights to the artwork, not the client. This is to say that I reserve the right to share the artwork for the purposes of self-promotion or any other sharing I deem appropriate.
  • The client retains the right to use the artwork for personal use. This includes printing the art for personal use, or using the art to promote themselves as long as proper credit is given to me as the creator.
  • The client may feel inspired by the artwork or desire to create based on it, but may not directly copy it.
  • The following is considered infringement of these terms:
  • - Reproduction of artwork for commercial use or profit.
  • - Claiming credit for creating the work.
  • - Removing watermarks/signatures, or altering the art in any way without my consent.
  • - Copying the piece in their own artwork or tracing in any way.

V. Final Agreement

  • If the client improperly or wrongly files a charge-back against me, (a refund after the transaction has been completed), or otherwise violates these terms, the contract is cancelled and I reclaim every right to the artwork. I reserve the right to decline any and every future commission request from said client. I also reserve the right to warn others of the negative business experience so as to protect other creators, but not to harass the former client.
  • I reserve the right to alter these terms at any time for any reason. Individual rules may be altered by case upon agreement by me and the client.