Adoptable Designs!

Adoptable Designs

Here are some of my recent available character designs! Each one of these designs is $45, and the copyright to these is explained on my terms of service page. 

Adoptable Design: OatsHere is Oats the rabbit. My first design, soft and simple. (Possibly my favorite of the rabbits).
Adoptable Design: Sour Cream
Next is Sour Cream, named for how the colors of this design felt. In fact, all of these are named purely based on the feeling they gave me as I drew them.
Adoptable Design: Fairy Dust
Here is Fairy Dust. Also simple and soft!
Adoptable Design: Antique
This is antique. I really love these colors so naturally I had fun with this one.
Adoptable Design: Sonora
This rabbit is named for the warmth of the desert I found in these colors.
Adoptable Design: Butterfly
I’m not as sure what I was thinking about when I named this design, but I think I named it for the markings by its eyes.
Adoptable Design: Pilot
This design just feels so dapper. Maybe it’s the lines.
Adoptable Design: Commedia
I wanted to name this design for its theatrical colors. I settled on the name Commedia after the classic theatre style.
Adoptable Design: Ghost
The last rabbit design, probably as close as I’ll get to creating anything spooky. 

If any of these designs make you really happy, and you’d like to claim them as your own, shoot me a message! Each one available here is $45, which I accept through PayPal. You can find more information on my terms of service page. Thank you for your interest!