Keeping SO Busy, and Making Big Changes

I have been keeping so busy lately- preparing for my first arts&crafts fair at the beginning of December, uploading a new YouTube video every week, making posts to my Patreon every week, and more. I’ve also been able to make many new connections with artists in my region, which is very fun!

A huge factor in how I’ve found time to do all this is that I am dropping out of school before the end of the year. I know many people won’t agree with this decision, so I won’t try to justify it. There are many factors to this, but ultimately my husband and I decided together that this is the best plan of action for our little family. 

So what does this mean for my career? So many things! I am already grateful for the abundance of time that I’ve found I can dedicate to my work. I’m grateful for the support of my husband and the faith he has in me that I can be a successful artist. I’m grateful for the many opportunities that have been appearing just over the past couple months! It is all happening so quickly; I hope we can keep up, and not feel overwhelmed. 

Through these big steps and changes, I have found the best thing I can do to manage the whirlwind of new stress and emotions is to take frequent breaks and spend quality time with my husband. With him, I genuinely feel that I can accomplish anything. 

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