For the Sake of Butterflies

This fall I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the CandyClub Collective virtual gallery. This is an entirely online-only art gallery featuring art by 25 unique women artists. For the gallery I painted a series of bright butterflies in oil paint! This post is to say something about why I chose to paint these butterflies.

Something that I like to say a lot is that art doesn’t have to have some deep meaning to be valuable. I still feel this way: I love to make pretty and cute things. It makes me happy! To choose appealing colors, a cute animal, etc. It brings me joy and sometimes brings joy to others. I don’t plan on ever discontinuing this kind of art making.

My making it gives it value. When I put a piece of art into the world, something that I’ve crafted and dedicated time and care into, it has value already. 

Even the smallest pretty thing brings me joy. This is why I chose to paint a series of butterflies. I love them. They are small and intricate and beautiful. They have intrinsic and magnificent value; they bring life and beauty into the world, they cultivate flowers, and they glow with a tiny sense of humility and fragility. I imagine that God felt joy when He created butterflies.

This series of oil paintings celebrates that creations have value no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. I love butterflies and that is the only reason I need to paint them.

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