Things I Can Control, Things I Can’t

Despite my chosen brand name, I’m not always happy, which is a human thing. I have my struggles with mental health just like everyone else. But I’m grateful that I’ve been in fairly good control of my happiness lately (which is kind of ironic because I’ve achieved that by becoming okay with having less control over circumstances in my life.)

There are really very few things I can control. If I get too caught up on something that falls in that broader category, I get frustrated and stressed out. I can’t control the weather, I can’t control what people think of me or my art, I can’t control many life events or unexpected circumstances. I generally can’t control what people around me do, and I have to let that go.

Now, things that I have been able to control: making big decisions for my life and my business, curating what media I take in and who I follow, and determining the amount of time I spend dedicated to my relationships, among other things. (Side note: being my own boss has its pros and cons. I can work on my own time clock, but I’m also responsible for making sure I don’t work too much or sleep in too late). 

In the end, recognizing that there are things I can control and things I can’t only helps me if I have the self-control to stop letting every little thing affect me. I should be finding a balance between taking charge of my life and career, and accepting things as they happen. My mind is more peaceful that way.  

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