A Trip to St. George

Over the weekend I had the awesome opportunity to attend a two-day seminar called “The Business of Art,” at Dixie State University. I drove down with a caravan of wonderful lady artists, and we had a blast there, learning and socializing.

I was able to take a half dozen classes on topics such as art licensing and artist statements. (Stay tuned to see my very own artist statement appear on my blog.) My good friend Katrina Berg was a keynote speaker and gave an awesome talk about how to “live a full creative life at 85%.” (You can check out her website katrinaberg.com for more on that.)

I’m very grateful I had this opportunity because of the valuable tools and guidance I picked up, as well as the friendships I made. It was a beautiful weekend and beautiful drive, and we even stopped to do a little hiking on the return trip. We ate good food, too, of course! I was introduced to a charming little restaurant in Cedar City called “The French Spot,” which I highly recommend.

I was very nervous before the trip because I didn’t know most of my group very well, and it was to be the first time I spent the night away from my husband since we were married. That was my biggest worry, really, but it turned out just fine. We FaceTimed both nights, and I wasn’t stressed out too bad.

Overall, it was a lovely and productive way to spend the weekend, and I made some great, talented friends. I hope to go after more opportunities like this in the future!

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